Quality enduro bike holidays in Finale Ligure, Italy since 2007.

What we do


We offer bike holidays in Finale and trips to its surrounding areas as there are many small hidden jewels close by. Most of the time we put together custom stays for groups 4-7 persons. We take you places you would not find on your own!

Justride is not your classic Finale shuttle company, we provide more personal experiences catering for small groups with a personal touch. We are locals and have 12 years of experience of running trips.

Riding in Finale Ligure with us

We ride “Endoro style”, mixing up the week with shuttle days and pedalled enduro tours depending on what the group is into doing. It is not so much about going up and down, mainly we take people riding the way we would ride on our own aiming to show you guys the best we have in our area. Further we pay a lot of attention to the groups level for everyone to have the best time. Keep in mind that Finale is not a beginners area and an intermediate level is minimum to be able to have the best time on your bike.

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