Louise Paulin BLOG

Welcome to my mini blog that will update on race results from my new adventures. For you who know me and heard “I am over with racing” 2 years ago surely find it funny to see me back in the start gate! Life changes and sometimes taking a step back gives you perspective. The girls are slightly older and I felt it was worth a go this year. A head of me I have another 5 EWS races and the Trophy of Nations here in Finale Ligure at the end of September.


Unfortunately family matters cause a DNS to Madeira. My littlest simply wasn’t having it with mum going away and I chose to listen to her pain. For the next adventures coming up I will need to make sure she is in a safe place.


For those who don’t know me:

I am a mother of 2 lovely girls, 6 and 10 years old. I am born in Sweden and very much a Swede but living in Europe since 20 years and the last 12 of them in Finale Ligure, Italy. Having run a bike holiday company here since 2007 I have seen the change in the local scene as well as the development of enduro mtb. Its been an interesting sight to say the least.

I started my first race 2010 and raced the Italian Superenduromtb series 2010. 2011 I raced Italian DH gravity series. 2012 and 2013 I was full time mum. 2014, 2015 and 2016 I raced the Italian superenduro series and a few EWS races close by. Then stop. And “I am so over it.” And ” I am never going to race again”. Well famous last words…

After having hassled EWS for not having a women master’s category I could not but race in the EWS final in Finale Ligure last October in the mentioned category and despite a lack of race nerves I managed to take home the day. And the little racer in me got excited again and here we are ready for a new season but with new goals and destinations. First stop was Rotorua in New Zealand in march and now follows: 11-12 May Madeira, 29 June Canazei, 6 July Les Orres, 11 August Whistler and 21 September Zermatt. Wish me luck!