Quality enduro bike holidays in Finale Ligure, Italy since 2007.



Why ride with Justride?

We are a small rider driven company with passion for bikes, the area we live in and sharing a great day out!


We have to put a notice that riding in Finale Ligure and its surroundings is not easy. For a rider to enjoy their time on the trails here you need to have at least an intermediate level. You need to be able to choose a line, be comfortable with natural rock and uneven terrain.

What is a shuttle day like?

Shuttles run from 9.00am to 5.00pm. That can be anything from 5-10 rides in a day depending on the choice of trails and the group’s ability. Groups are 5-7 riders with one guide. You need to bring lunch or €10-15/day for the lunch stops where a biker’s menu is often offered. A full face helmet is highly recommended and knee pads are mandatory.

What is a pedaled day tours like?

Pedaled day tours are circa 6 hours with lunch stop  to rest and refuel, take medicine. Either we stop for lunch in one of the picturesque restaurants in the valleys or we can stop for a quick panini at a bar. Generally we do 3-4 ups/day depending on the group, which makes 1000-1600m up in a day, being 3-400m up in one strap. Uphills are on Tarmac, dirt road and trail.

What should I bring?

An enduro bike around 150-170 cm of travel, rear-hanger, a couple of spokes(both brand specific and can save a holiday!), a cool helmet, some eye wear, a thin rain/wind jacket, knee pads, sun screen, equipped backback for easy repairs, camelpac/hydrapac or similar.

Is there a bike shop in Finale Ligure?/Can I rent a bike in Finale Ligure?

There are a few of bike shops in the area now and it is possible to rent a decent bike on location. I highly recommend the Santa Cruz test center at Ultimate bike shop.

However it is useful that you bring specific parts/tools for your bike to not be left stranded on your holiday.

Ultimate bike shop, Finalborgo.

Evolve bike shop, Finalborgo.

Do I need a sports insurance?

It is your responsibility to make sure you have the appropriate insurance for your activities during your stay with us. Mountain biking is a high-risk activity practiced at your own risk!

What’s the weather like?

Finale Ligure has Mediterranean climate with spring and autumn generally dry with shorter rainy spells and around 10-20 C. The summers are dry and warm 25-30 C. November to February the temperatures are around 5-15 C but less stable, it can be dry with fantastic biking conditions but we can also get a lot of rain during longer periods in the winter. www.ilmeteo.it