Quality enduro mtb holidays in Finale Ligure, Italy since 2007.

Bring your partner

Finale Ligure is a lovely place to spend a holiday also for the non-mountainbiker. You feel the history of the cute town centres created hundreds of years ago. The beach is a long stretch of sand dipping into the Mediterranean ocean. Trekking, diving, climbing and horse riding are some of the activities to do if you want to get some action when you are tired of taking in the beauty of the area, relaxing with a book by the sea and enjoying all the great food and drinks; gelato, cappuccino, vino, pesto, pizza, focaccia, and did I say gelato?

Or maybe rent a bike and book a private bike guide/coach to learn to ride? Finale has a wide variety of riding, with the right guide all this can be discovered in a safe way.

Please contact us to set up this kind of customised holiday.